A look to the future of EVE Online

In case you couldn’t make it to Iceland this weekend to catch up with CCP‘s annual Fanfest celebration, we’ve got a handy video here to show off just what the developer is planning for the future of EVE Online.

The game has never been further from its “spreadsheet-in-space” label, as this new video suggests a pretty hefty level of integration between the well-established MMO and CCP‘s upcoming first-person console shooter, DUST 514.

Titled “A Future Vision”, it looks like things aren’t going to be as rosy as you might like – but that didn’t stop the footage from bringing all 3,000 Fanfest attendees to their feet in a standing ovation.

Global CEO Hilmar Pétursson took the stage, explaining some of the other changes on the way, and thanking attendees and gamers for their support.

“You have constantly challenged us, constantly taken us further, it’s really that which allows us to come up with these crazy ideas,” he said. “It really is all coming from you. I really need your help now to get this video out there. Tell the world what is going on here because it’s so hard to get the word across.”

There are also big changes coming to the EVE Online universe – CCP have announced significant tweaks to the contraband system, and are reducing the negative effects of using boosters.

Polish up your glasses, boys and girls – EVE is set to get even better to look at. All weapon turrets are currently being overhauled to feature unique animations and multiple components. Even more spectacular are the re-designed nebulae and star-fields…

[img_big]center,55,2011-03-27/EVEOnline-03.jpg,EVE Online[/img_big]

Stay tuned, there’s plenty more where that came from. The universe is changing, and CCP is stepping up to match it.

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