Machinarium point-and-clicks its way to PS3

PlayStation gamers, rejoice. Indie hero Jakub Dvorský is currently working towards bringing the point-and-click adventure known as Machinarium to the PS3 by the end of the year.


Machinarium - soon on PS3 and in your hands

We hear that Amanita Design is also developing a tablet version of the game – but that the iPad is not the first choice. Rather, Jakub and his team are experimenting with options on the BlackBerry PlayBook – a new tablet that launches into North America in April.

It’s no simple task, either – Jakub explains that it is “very difficult” to move games from the PC to consoles:

“It’s much easier if you create a game for PC and Mac. Bringing it to consoles is a lot of hard work and a lot of hassle with companies.”

…the news is not all happy, though – an Xbox LIVE version of Machinarium was turned down by Microsoft last year, and the idea was shelved. Apparently, Jakub’s multi-platform development scheme was an issue:

“They weren’t interested because the game was already released for Mac and Windows, and Microsoft demanded it as part of an exclusivity deal.

“We’re not interested in Microsoft anymore.”

We’re not sure if that means no more Amanita Design titles for PC, but fingers crossed Jakub’s just referring to consoles, and we’ll see some more gorgeous hand-drawn indie goodness headed to the home computer real soon.

In fact, there are three new titles in the works, right now:



Botanicula – a point-and-click adventure title (if it ain’t broke…), which sees gamers leading tree dwellers as they try to save their last seed. Out by the end of 2011.



Osada features a gorgeous visual style – it’s described as an “interactive music video”. Real photos are combined with surreal imagery in a bizarre kaleidoscope of colours. Out in “a few weeks”, this one will be free to download.

Samorost 2

(image from Samorost 2)

…and, happily, Samorost 3 is in development. It’s a continuation of the previous two games, but will be even bigger in scope and polished up even more. We might be waiting a while for this one, but if it’s anything like the earlier two, we’re in for a treat.

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