Resident Evil 4, Code: Veronica X return in HD

It was just a rumour, when we first heard it, but Capcom have confirmed: Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica X are being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the HD era.

Both games will be released later this year over PlayStation Network for PS3 and Xbox LIVE for the Xbox 360 – and, of course, both games have been tweaked and polished for their debut on this generation’s consoles.

[img_big]center,4731,2011-03-24/RE4_ComparisonScreen1_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,Resident Evil 4 – HD remix on the right[/img_big]

It’s been six years since RE4 first erupted onto the scene, picking up a bunch of Game of the Year gongs, as well as a massive 96 ranking on MetaCritic. Now, it’s back, with added support for trophies and achievements nestled up alongside some glorious visual upgrades.

Cultists, mutants, mind-controlled villagers – they’re all back for Leon to explore and despatch. And yes, this new edition will contain all of the bonus content once released with Resident Evil 4, including the epilogue Separate Ways.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica X first arrived on the Sega Dreamcast back in 2000, with an updated version released in 2001. Claire Redfield returns as the hero, three months after the total destruction of Raccoon City. She’s in search of her brother Chris when she is captured and transported to Rockfort Island.

…sounds pretty rough at that point, but we haven’t even mentioned the air raid that hits the island, freeing Claire and releasing B.O.W.s and t-virus samples. Survival horror at its best.

[img_big]center,4731,2011-03-24/RE4_ComparisonScreen5_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,Resident Evil 4 – compare and contrast[/img_big]

The Resident Evil franchise pioneered the video game horror genre, and has sold more than 45 million units since its inception in 1996. It’s spawned seven games in the primary series, three Survivor titles, two Chronicles, two Outbreaks, and a hefty haul of portable and mobile games. Then there’s the four live-action films, short film and CGI movie (with another in the works).

This year, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the franchise, Resident Evil fans are invited to celebrate the past, present and future – so keep an eye out for exclusive apparel, merchandise, more than a few games and, of course, some “other surprises”.

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