Play retro handheld games in your browser

Browser games are everywhere you look these days, but it’s still nice to find one that’s interesting and a little bit different. Website [surl=]Pica Pic[/surl] is both, featuring ports of a bunch of Game & Watch-esque retro handheld games.

The Terminator, Tiger Electronics

Complete with original bleep-bloop soundtrack

Load up your preferred browser and hit the site to play games like Bartman, Donkey Kong Jr and The Terminator, in their spectacular blocky goodness. Some games date back to the mid-80s, and each device has been lovingly recreated, featuring buttons re-mapped onto modern keyboards.

The project, put together by Hipopotam Studio, also tracks high-scores – something that wasn’t possible when many of these games were first loaded.

There’s nearly 20 games available, with more on the way (including the Zelda Game & Watch from 1989!), so this might be a site worth worth checking up on, from time to time, or whenever you need a retro fix.

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