Kid bribed with games, asked to steal drugs

Just because you can convince kids to do just about anything doesn’t mean you should. A 34-year old woman from Maine has just been sentenced to a 12-month stint in jail, for asking a boy to steal his mother’s painkillers. Allegedly, she offered the 9-year old a video game, in exchange for the pills.

Orange jar of pills

Worth a video game?

First arrested on August 1, 2010, Shannon Leathers has pleaded guilty to a felony count of criminal solicitation over the event. Police reported that she had promised to buy the boy a new game, if he was able to take his mother’s bottle of Percocet and take it to her. According to the boy’s statement, he did what she asked, and later saw her remove the label from the pill bottle. Leathers apparently told the boy to “play stupid”, if he was ever asked about the missing medication.

The judge imposed a 1-year sentence, but has ordered Leathers to only serve six weeks, with the balance suspended. Whether or not the boy got his video game was not released.

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