Steam is heading towards smartphones

Valve head honcho Gabe Newell has confirmed that Steam may be headed to iOS and Android devices, in one form or another.


A sign of things to come?

In a recent chat with Steamworks forum member [surl=]Political Gamer[/surl], Gabe apparently dropped hints on a number of upcoming Steam features.

…he confirmed that Steam will get a video recorder very soon, also he said they were looking into the iOS/Android platform for possible expansions with Steam. He also said that the Source film maker is in the pipeline for a public release.

The news is not really surprising, following Steam‘s shift to Apple last year. The SDK upgrade has meant that games developers can easily create new projects for Mac – closing the gaming gap between operating systems.

While we’re not expecting to see Half-Life 2 on your handheld device any time soon, it would be nice to see some of Steam‘s social features – chat, profiles, groups – head to smartphones, and potentially some of the smaller, casual games too.

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