Rare racks up new Senior Studio Director

Reports on the demise of Rare may have been premature, with today’s news that it’s picked up a new Senior Studio Director, former Midway Games employee, Craig Duncan.

Rare Ltd

Rare - still kickin'...

Craig brings a dose of racing pedigree to the studio, having worked with Codemasterson the Colin McRae series, as well as Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing at Sumo. His new role sees him overseeing all aspects of talent maangement and product development, something that makes him quite excited:

“I’m thrilled to be taking on this leadership role at Rare; it is a studio with a great heritage and a consistent track record of creative innovation within Microsoft Game Studios. I’m looking forward to working with the exceptional talent at Rare to create amazing games that will see Rare establish its position as one of the world’s top game studios.”

Scott Henson, studio manager at Rare (and Craig’s new boss), explains:

“Craig’s appointment strengthens the terrific team at Rare which was most recently responsible for the breakout hit Kinect Sports.

“Craig joins us at an exciting time and his experience will be key to ensuring that Rare continues to create innovative, industry-leading products which delight and entertain.”

While stories have been circulating that the studio is in serious trouble, losing employees and art staff, Rare is said to be hard at work on a sequel to best-selling Kinect launch title Kinect Sports.

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