Stolen PS3 helps police find murder suspect

A man wanted over the shooting deaths of two men in January has finally been found, thanks to a PS3. Gaffney police detectives linked the console – which was stolen on the night of the homicides – to the suspect. When the PS3 turned up online, they had their man.

Giles Palmer (via The Spartanburg S.C. Herald Journal)

Giles Palmer

Giles Palmer, 22, faces two counts of murder – and first-degree burglary – following the incident on January 19th. Palmer had eluded the authorities for nearly two months, before the PlayStation was found and tracked back to him. He has said that two other suspects “could be” involved in the crimes, and that robbery was the motive.

Gaffney Police Chief Rick Turner says:

“We know that this has been a long, slow process particularly for the families of the victims. Our detectives have done an absolutely good job to develop information on the items taken from the home and worked it through until they were recovered and located.”

We’re not sure exactly how the police “tracked” the stolen PS3, but it’s believed that Palmer either logged on to the PlayStation Network with a flagged ID, or that police had asked Sony to look out for the console.

(Source: Spartanburg S.C. Herald Journal)

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