Use your NES controller to control your iPad

How do you control your iPad? Fingers? Bluetooth? Wired NES controller? Believe it or not, a clever chap by the name of Joven has come up with a hardware solution that sees Apple’s tablet responding – quite well – to the retro gamepad. How it works is both high- and low-tech, all at the same time.

What you’re looking at is a NES controller that’s been hooked up to an Arduino board. That board controls an assortment of servos, which in turn control conductive arms. Push a button on the controller and the arms move, tapping and holding the screen in just the right spots.

The set up is unique to Reckless Racing, but could easily be modified for many other iPad games with a similar control system. All the noisy servos do introduce a little latency into the equation, and you’ve got a bunch of arms across the screen, but – really – when you’re playing on your iPad with a NES controller, who cares?

Joven, who contributes to [surl=]Protodojo[/surl], simply wanted to play the game with his NES gamepad, an “didn’t want to hack a solution via dock port”. He calls his solution “RoboTouch”, and promises that more details and photos are “coming soon”.

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