BAFTA Game Awards see more Heavy Rain

The BAFTA Video Game Awards were held last night, and surprisingly, Heavy Rain was the big winner, a triple threat in terms of technical achievement, story and original music.

[img_big]center,2761,2010-11-18/Screenshot106.jpg,Heavy Rain[/img_big]

Mass Effect 2 walked away with the Best Game gong, while Call of Duty: Black Ops picked up the only public-voted category of the night, which saw more than 110,000 consumers sharing their opinions.

As you peruse the list, you’ll notice one glaring omission. Fan favourite Red Dead Redemption did not appear once in the evening’s celebrations – but that’s not because nobody liked the game. Instead, Rockstar Games refused to submit their Wild West shooter, possibly due to a long-running grudge with the academy. Back in 2009, Grand Theft Auto IV failed to win a single category, so we’re guessing that one still hurts.

Lionhead‘s Peter Molyneux was awarded the BAFTA Academy Fellowship, which sees him joining fellow gaming legends Nolan Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto and Will Wright.

BAFTA - British Academy of Film and Television Arts

They get a gold face to take home

Here’s the full list of winners:

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Artistic Achievement:
God of War III

Best Game:
Mass Effect 2

Kinect Sports

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Cut the Rope

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Original Music:
Heavy Rain

Social Network Game:
My Empire

F1 2010

Heavy Rain

Civilization V

Technical Innovation:
Heavy Rain

Use of Audio:
Battlefield: Bad Company: 2

BAFTA Ones To Watch Award (in association with Dare to Be Digital):

GAME Award of 2010:
Call of Duty: Black Ops

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