Homefront struggles, drags THQ down with it

THQ were pinning their hopes on Homefront, and it looks like that gamble’s not quite paying off the way they’d anticipated. It’s early days yet, but the review scores for the game that are popping up online have already dropped the company’s share price by more than 20 per cent.

The game promised to be the Next Big Thing, taking cues from the classic Red Dawn and revitalising the FPS genre with its alternate-future telling of an America invaded by Korean soldiers. The concept was intriguing, and sounds great on paper – but it looks like the game might not live up to our expectations. Current [surl=http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/homefront]Metacritic[/surl] scores put the game at an average of 73/100 across the three platforms.


Homefront has suffered from a run of bad luck recently – from an ill-fated publicity stunt to dramas involving leaked copies and gamer backlash over a super-short single-player campaign.

But it’s not all the game’s fault. THQ lowered its profit outlook in February with its third-quarter earnings report, which saw share prices plummet. Now though, things are looking grim. The market closed with THQ stocks at $5.94 on March 14th, opened at $5.43 on the 15th, and closed at $4.69 at the end of the day’s trading. Overall, that’s a close-to-close drop of 21 per cent – not great numbers.

Analysts are describing the incident as “a bit of a disaster”, and explaining that “you need at least a score of 80 and above” on [surl=http://www.metacritic.com]Metacritic[/surl] in order to do well, these days.

Homefront developers Kaos Studios will also be closely watching the figures – it could dictate their future, and whether or not the New York-based studio relocates to Montreal – or if it remains open at all.

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