New Grasshopper Manufacture music for Japan

In a tribute to those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan late last week, the audio team at Grasshopper Manufacture has released a musical tribute – a song trilogy which has been published for free.

Grasshopper Manufacture

Donate what you can...

Two of the pieces – “Otomodachi, as you wake” and “Otomodachi, before you sleep” were written by Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, while the third, “Otomodachi, in the afternoon” was contributed by Tak Hiraoka.

All three tracks are available right now for streaming or download, via the [surl=]Grasshopper Manufacture Facebook page[/surl]. Because they’re not asking for any money, please consider donating what you think they are worth to a charity relief effort, like the [surl=]Red Cross[/surl].

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