Online games close down after earthquake

The earthquake which hit Japan has also hit the virtual worlds, as it’s confirmed servers for Metal Gear Online are being temporarily shut down, as well as those for both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV.

[img_big]center,3628,2010-11-19/Emblem_title_tshirt.jpg,Metal Gear Online[/img_big]

Konami have confirmed that they are suspending service on the game following a local request to conserve electricity. It is not yet known if this shut-down will affect international gamers, or just those in Japan. If you want to play a quick game of MGO, please let us know!

At the same time, FFXI and FFXIV will be closed down completely for at least a week. The servers survived the disaster and were kept running for a while shortly after, but as the situation became worse, the computers were turned off.


Sony has confirmed that players in the region will receive no bills this month due to the interruption. We hope that other MMO providers and server hosts follow suit.

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