Steam user tries to sell account, gets banned

The user agreement for Steam clearly states that the account user is not allowed to “sell or charge others for the right to use your account, or otherwise transfer your account”.

You all knew that, right? Apparently one -unnamed- Steam user wasn’t so familiar with that part of the agreement, and managed to get himself banned. It seems he popped up on social networking site [surl=]Reddit[/surl], announcing that he was selling his account – with more than 140 games – to the highest bidder. The account is worth around $1,800, so we’re guessing he wasn’t asking for small change, here.


A true Valve fan

It didn’t take long for people to find out what he was up to – less than a month later, the gamer was unceremoniously booted from the Steam service, with Valve explaining that his account had been suspended for (you guessed it) violating the subscriber agreement. It seems that talking about doing something is just as bad as actually doing it.

While initial reports suggested the ban would be permanent and all of the games would be locked away for good, a later statement from Valve via [surl=]their forums[/surl] announces that the account has since been reinstated, and we hope that the gamer has learned his lesson, even if he did post on Reddit later, protesting that he was simply “asking how much someone would pay for a profile like that”.

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