Chair Entertainment: iPad 2 is a game changer

Donald Mustard, from Chair Entertainment

Donald Mustard

Donald Mustard, creative director of Chair Entertainment has labelled the brand-new iPad 2 as a “game changer”. It takes one to know one, it seems – Donald’s company launched Infinity Blade late last year and took the iOS gaming market by storm.

Speaking in a recent interview with [surl=]Eurogamer[/surl], Donald discussed Apple’s latest gizmo:

“They’ve significantly increased the processing power of the iPad 2 and also added a lot more memory. Now having 512 megs of memory, the new processing power and increased screen resolution allows us to throw so much more processing at the applications.

“With Infinity Blade we felt we were really pushing at the edge of what can be done. We think this is another leap. It’s significant.”

One of the major changes to arrive with the new tablet is the introduction of an HDMI port, which makes things like this possible:

…that’s Infinity Blade being played on an iPad 2… on a 50 inch HD television set. While it might seem a novelty now, it’s only a matter of time before developers start anticipating this sort of gameplay, and start developing games to be played on a much bigger screen than the tablet itself.

Last November, we saw the original iPad used as a games console, controlled by iPhone, but this is taking it one step beyond – and it’s definitely headed in a direction we could get behind.

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