Satoshi Tajiri: Pokémon creator still alive

Following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on Friday, rumours and urban myths have popped up everywhere. Because Japan is known worldwide for its video game innovations, it makes sense that the games industry should be featured in some of the more prevalent rumours.

Nintendo got in early, announcing that “no one at Nintendo in Japan was injured”, and reassuring that there was no apparent structural damage to any of the offices or buildings.

Satoshi Tajiri, the man who created Pokémon 25 years ago, was not so lucky.

Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokemon

Satoshi Tajiri, on left

Starting merely hours after the earthquake hit off the coast, stories started circulating on Twitter:

The creator of Pokemon died today in the #tsunami, #Japan. RIP: Satoshi Tajiri

Tajiri-san has responded to the inappropriate rumour, taking to [surl=]Facebook[/surl] to post this message:

“Dear Hummingbirds, what’s this nonsense about me being dead? Also, I don’t work at Nintendo Japan, I’m the CEO of Game Freak (everybody is fine). More importantly, if you can, help Japan.”

…if you want to know how you can help Japan, here’s a [surl=]handy link[/surl] that gives you a few options.

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