Bastion gets publishing deal with Warner Bros.

When indie game Bastion was shown off at last year’s PAX Prime, everybody got a little excited. Now – after quite a while of not hearing anything about it – you can ramp up that excitement again, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have revealed that the company’s on-board to publish the action RPG.

…and it’s coming later this year, initially for Xbox LIVE Arcade, and later for PC. Huzzah!

President of WBIE, Martin Tremblay, says:

“We are looking forward to working with Supergiant Games to bring the unique gaming experience in Bastion to all types of players. We have seen tremendous talent coming from independent development studios and Bastion is a fantastic example of the innovation and imagination in that game space.”

…and developers Supergiant Games are equally pleased, as Studio Director Amir Rao explains:

“We’re thrilled to be working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on Bastion. Warner Bros. instantly saw the potential of our original game world and narrative style, and is providing Supergiant Games with the support and autonomy we need to make Bastion an amazing experience.”

The game itself sees gamers stepping into the role of “the Kid”. He’s survived an earth-shattering event that has literally ripped his world apart – and must now construct a safe haven for him (and his loved ones), using broken remnants of the past. Strange beasts must be fought off with customised weapons, and those specially-brewed spirits are great for gaining new powers.


As well as the compelling interactive story, Bastion features some awesome hand-painted environments (check out the screenshots!) and is dynamically narrated. The narrator will react to your actions – in real time – offering context and a deeper meaning to your character’s interactions.

I’m so glad they’ve got a publisher, and I’m even more glad I’ll get my hands on this one by the end of the year!

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