PlayStation 3 allowed back into Europe

The injunction that stopped Sony from importing PS3 consoles into Europe has been lifted. European customs confiscated a reported 300,000 PS3 consoles – all of which are now happily on their way to stores, despite the ongoing legal battle raging between Sony and LG over Blu-ray patents.

PlayStation 3

Now allowed back into Europe

The news comes amid reports that European PS3 supplies were under “serious threat”.

Not only are the consoles re-allowed into the region, but the court has ordered LG to pay €130,000 (nearly $180,000) of Sony‘s legal fees – plus an extra €200,000 interest for each extra day it takes to get the seized PS3s back to their rightful owner.

The ongoing court case relates to Sony‘s use of Blu-ray movie playback technology which allegedly belongs to LG. LG would like Sony to acquire new licenses for the technology before it sells more PS3s in Europe – and, predictably, Sony isn’t too keen on the concept.

Story’s not over yet, folks – we’ll keep you posted.

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