Free Points exploit costs Microsoft $1.2million

Sites all over the internet claim to offer “Free Microsoft Points”, but – for a short while at least – one of them was the real deal. It seems that clever hacker types figured out the algorithm to add to existing codes (even used ones), to get new ones. They then posted this to a website, so all visitors had to do was hit F5, and collect the codes, worth 160MSP each.

Microsoft Points card

10% of the value of this card, for just clicking?

It wasn’t infallible – some of the codes simply didn’t work – but the vast majority did. As word spread, the site was hit pretty hard, eventually crashing under the pressure.

The cheeky hackers didn’t stop there, either – they also hosted a program that would calculate the codes for you. If you chose that option (which required a little more work), you could choose from a 160MSP code, a Halo Reach avatar, or a 48hr Xbox Live trial.

Microsoft wised up pretty quickly and have put a stop to the exploit, but not before visitors to the site had racked up more than $1.2 million worth of Microsoft Points. One “pirate” has claimed $150 worth of points in 20 minutes.

It’s not yet clear what Microsoft are going to do about the incident – but we’ll keep you posted.

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