We Dare: Ubisoft's racy release cancelled in UK

British gamers who were getting a bit excited about the impending launch of Ubisoft‘s upcoming We Dare should maybe go have a cold shower. The publisher has announced today that the planned release of the game in the UK has been cancelled, citing public outcry as the reason.

Apparently, it’s not the game itself that’s the problem – it’s the fact that the local ratings board considered We Dare, which claims to be “Flirty fun for all”, to be suitable for 12 year olds. (The Australian [surl=http://www.classification.gov.au]Classification Board[/surl] also gave the game a [surl=http://classification.gov.au/www/cob/find.nsf/5c2433d416948a0bca25759f00820d25/ad75cfa65f831907ca257798005d6d0f?OpenDocument]PG rating[/surl].)

We Dare - UK Box Art

We Dare, as it would have been released in the UK

The statement (released to UK paper [surl=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/video-games/8371698/We-Dare-UK-release-shelved.html]The Guardian[/surl] is simple, straightforward, and unemotional:

“Following the public reaction to the 12+ rating of We Dare, Ubisoft has made the decision not to sell the game in the United Kingdom.”

Apparently it’s not just the general population that got up in arms over We Dare‘s raunchy marketing campaign – senior UK politicians also called for the game to be kept from shelves. The ratings board – and Ubisoft – have explained on a number of occasions that the game’s actual content was much less racy than promised.

…but – alas – it wasn’t enough. The game will now not be released in the UK, following a similar announcement from the US market last week. If you still want to get your hands on the game, it’s still on track for a European launch, and Ubisoft have confirmed that it is already on shelves in Australia, too.

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