Bad news comes in threes for Homefront

Kaos Studios should be happy, right now. Their newie, Homefront is a week away from release, all the work’s been done, they should be able to relax, right?

…wrong. While they did launch a fabulous live-action TV Spot trailer last week, things haven’t been going so well for the game’s impending launch.

First, a pre-release version of the game was leaked online. Versions of Homefront deisnged for PC and both major consoles of the game have started circulating various sites – but nobody has yet confirmed whether or not the leaked copies are actually playable.

Screenshots and videos have popped up online, but the game code itself does not appear to have been cracked yet. The game has taken Kaos three years to develop, so they’re understandably a little upset.

Kaos general manager and creative director David Votypka explained to [surl=]Eurogamer[/surl]:

“Obviously we’re pretty disappointed in the people that did it. Those people obviously have no idea what it takes to make these games, or at least have no respect for it, if they’re leaking them out for free.

“The consumer world and capitalism is based on, the company will spend money on a product so consumers can buy it, so the company makes a profit and can make more and better products down the road. So when these guys get involved they’re just hurting that, which hurts everybody.”

It’s not yet been revealed just how the game escaped into the wild.


While reeling from that one, Kaos are now under fire from the media, as well. According to early reviews, the Homefront single-player campaign is a mere five hours long.

One review from PSM3 justifies this decision:

“That short, short length of the main story may seem like a major sticking point, but it isn’t as significant as you might fear. Homefront is relentlessly brutal and constantly puts you in new, unusual and memorable scenarios, varying the pace to keep things interesting.”

Kaos have also leapt to the defensive – claiming that while some “really expert” players might finish the campaign in five hours, it will take others closer to 10. By their estimations, the game’s length is comparable to its main competitors – from the Medal of Honor, Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises.

We’re promised a lot more content through the game’s multiplayer modes, which helps to beef up the overall play time, too, but single-player fans are already voicing their disappointment.


All of this, of course, is on top of last week’s publicity stunt, which saw thousands of red balloons causing environmental havoc in San Francisco Bay. Homefront is due out next week, arriving in North America on March 15th, Australia a day later and Europe on the 18th. Japan has to wait another month before getting their copies on April 29th.

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