Sony wants to know who visited PS3 jailbreak site

Sony are taking their current legal battle awfully seriously, with a US court now granting the hardware giant a subpoena which will allow the company to find out just who visited the website of one Mr. George “GeoHot” Hotz.

PlayStation buttons

Sony is trying to control the situation

The PS3 jailbreaker’s site is now under the microscope. GeoHot’s hosts – Google and Bluehost – have received court orders asking for “all server logs, IP address logs, account information, account access records and application or registration forms” for any sites relating to the hacker. The logs requested are from January 2009 right up to the present day.

Sony are trying to determine the extent of the jailbreak, and are trying to demonstrate that the court case should be heard in the company’s preferred state – California – despite GeoHot living in New Jersey. (There’s a number of reasons for this – not the least of which is the deterrent factor of having to travel to/from court on the other side of the country.)

So, Sony are trying to prove that a “relevant” number of visitors – who potentially accessed the hack – were based in California.

George "GeoHot" Hotz

A self-portrait of the alleged hacker

Even more fun news: The subpoena also covers YouTube and Twitter. The video-sharing site has been asked to provide “all records or usernames and IP addresses that have posted or published comments” on the video that first displayed GeoHot’s PS3 jailbreaking.

Twitter have to hand over “documents sufficient to identify all names, addresses, and telephone numbers associated with [GeoHot’s] Twitter account”.


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