APB: Reloaded closed beta survives its first week

The closed beta for APB Reloaded kicked off last week, and the devs have taken a few moments to thank everybody involved, and look at the game as it stands. Apparently there’s still a “staggering” amount of work remaining for the developers – but they’re still pleased with the outcomes which prove happily that “the game can be resurrected”.

Current plans involve tweaking the game progression, working on servers, and “improving everything else that remotely touches the game in the long term”.

[img_big]center,7332,2011-03-07/APB-Reloaded-3.jpg,Lots of splosions.[/img_big]

There’s a pretty lengthy recap over at the game’s [surl=http://apbreloaded.blogspot.com/2011/03/end-of-closed-beta-week-no-1-recap.html]official blog[/surl], which really sheds some light into how the developers are working on the project. It mentions balancing issues, dramas with some of the beta testers, issues with server performance and lag, and some details on where they’re planning on going from here.

A picture tells a thousand words, however – and moving pictures tell even more than that, so if you don’t feel like reading, check out this APB Reloaded vehicle showcase video, showing off the Macchina Calabria 127.

This is the starter vehicle for the game, and the video gives a good representation of the driving tweaks that have been going on. The streets of San Paro still look as inviting as ever, the driving controls are already more refined than they were when the full game was disastrously released last year, and there’s a good bit of smash ‘n’ crash going on there as well.

Do you have a closed beta key for APB Reloaded? Have you had a look at the “reloaded” San Paro? What do you think so far?

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