Rebellion gets social with new development team

Rebellion, creators of the original Aliens vs. Predator, are branching into new territory. With the creation of an all-new division, the company is dipping its collective toes into the murky waters of social gaming, following the success of the beta launch of Evil Genius on Facebook.


What next for Rebellion?

That one is based on the much-loved PC title, challenging Facebookers to “create their own evil empires, undertake dastardly missions and recruit friends into their evil syndicates”. Since its launch last year, the game has been regularly updated and expanded, and more new stuff is on the way this month.

Sounds like things are going pretty well at the company, as CEO Jason Kingsley explains:

“The release of Evil Genius has given us an appetite to look at other opportunities in the area. One thing that has become increasingly apparent over the last few years is that gamers can’t be defined as just people who own consoles – people who use social media like Facebook or use smart phones all play games and this is an exciting new opportunity that we want to explore.”

His brother Chris, Rebellion‘s CTO, continues:

“Evil Genius has been a fun and rewarding project for us and has proved that there is a lot of interest out there for games that don’t run on traditional platforms. Thanks to the internal technology we use and the great skills of our team here, we can bring our 18 years of console and PC games experience to this sector and produce games that reach new players who would never consider themselves to be gamers.”

This isn’t the first new venture for the developer – the company also features a publishing label, which prints comics, magazines and novels. There’s also a card and board game publishing company, a motion capture company, a digital publishing company and a film production studio. So, y’know, Facebook games are an obvious progression in their quest to take over the world.

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