Gabe Newell shares his Steam password

Steam Guard was announced last week – and it looks like Valve‘s head honcho is 100% convinced that the technology works. Speaking at GDC, Gabe Newell threw down the gauntlet, handing out his Steam account login details – username and password – and inviting everybody to try and crack the new protection he has installed.

Gabe Newell at GDC 2010

Gabe: You can try to log in and steal my account if you can, but you can't.

Password: moolyftw

Try it for yourself!

We’re not sure if there are any penalties for trying – and failing – to log into a Steam account, but you can always tell ’em that Gabe sent you, right? If you’re successful (as in – if Steam Guard doesn’t work as well as it should), then you’ve just gained access to what would have to be the ultimate Steam account, with every single game unlocked. It seems like a worthy goal…

This is, of course, very similar to a security company’s claims from a few years ago, which promised to protect users from identity fraud. LifeLock CEO Todd Davis was so confident in his product that he [surl=]published his social security number[/surl] in an ad campaign. Since the ad was published, Todd Davis has had his identity stolen at least thirteen times.

Also while at GDC, Mr. Newell dodged a question about a sequel to Counter-Strike (which was released more than a decade ago). He explains that Valve are currently hard at work on Portal 2 and then DOTA 2, “and then we’ll worry about Counter-Strike 2“. Let’s not make that into too much of a Thing, okay?

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