Ron Gilbert: I'd love a Maniac Mansion re-release

It’s hardly a promise of things to come, but legendary adventure game developer Ron Gilbert has admitted that he would “love it” if his point-and-click classic Maniac Mansion was re-released for a new audience.

Original artwork for Maniac Mansion on C64

Original artwork for Maniac Mansion on C64

“I would love for them to re-release Maniac Mansion the same way they did the Monkey Island games. I think that would be really neat.”

The older-than-old school title first hit the Commodore 64 in 1987 – that’s a few good years before the magic team of Ron, Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer teamed up for The Secret of Monkey Island.

Currently working again with Tim at Double Fine, on an un-named project, Ron addressed the topic in front of an audience at last week’s GDC. He even suggested that he would almost consider fixing some of the original game’s flaws quirks.

“I’ve often thought it would be fun to go through the game and fix a lot of the problems I mentioned and get the puzzle structure more like we did in Monkey Island.

“But then other times I think ‘do I really want to do that?’ Maybe the game really needs to have those flaws. Isn’t that a little bit like George Lucas going back and fixing all those problems with Star Wars? Maybe the game really needs to be what it is back then.”

A scene from Maniac Mansion on C64

An early scene from Maniac Mansion

The rights to the game – and its 1993 sequel Day of the Tentacle (which is also fabulous) – are owned by LucasArts, and that company hasn’t said anything about a re-release at this stage.

…but it’s the same company who did recently remake the first two Monkey Island titles, remember…

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