Duke Nukem Forever approved for Germany

So Duke Nukem Forever got by the Australian censors, it’s been rated Mature in the USA, and today we’ve discovered that the game has been approved for a German release as well, gaining an 18 age rating. And yes, that’s for the totally uncut version, just like the rest of the world is getting.

[img_big]center,72,2011-02-10/dnf-vegas-007.jpg,It was approved despite this plan…[/img_big]

2K spokeswoman Elizabeth took to the [surl=http://forums.2kgames.com/showthread.php?105326-DNF-in-Germany-it-s-official-(and-uncut!)]game’s forums[/surl] to break the good news:

Hey guys,

I wanted to officially announce some news that I know some of you have been wondering about for a while: What age rating DNF got in Germany, and whether the game was cut at all.

We received an 18 age rating and the game is completely uncut – you will also be able to choose to play in English or German!


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