Crysis 2 Multiplayer PC Demo – grab it here!

The Crysis 2 multiplayer demo that we told you about in January has landed, and you can grab it now right here on playerattack. The file is 1.56GB in size, and is already causing waves.

[img_big]center,1422,2011-02-28/bazooka.jpg,Crysis 2[/img_big]


Players will compete in six vs. six matches set against a war-torn Manhattan in two maps: “Skyline”, set on top of the rooftops and interiors of skyscrapers, and “Pier 17”, an open environment with limited cover. The demo also features two modes: “Team Instant Action” pits two teams against each other as they kill as many opponents as possible to win the round and “Crash Site,” where players will battle for control of alien drop pods, earning points by guarding their pods and keeping enemies at bay.

We’ve still got a few weeks to wait before the full version of Crysis 2 hits shelves for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, but hopefully this will help tide you over until then. Let us know what you think!

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