Devil May Cry destined for the Silver Screen

Film company Screen Gems (well-known for bringing the Resident Evil franchise to Hollywood) have just signed up rights to another video game. It looks like Devil May Cry is lining up for its turn on the Silver Screen, with writers already hard at work on a script.

Devil May Cry 3

Who will play Dante in the film?

Devil May Cry revolves around the character of Dante, who must kill a bunch of demons in order to avenge his mother’s murder (as one does!).

While no casting decisions have been made (or announced) yet, a report on [surl=]Variety[/surl] reports that Kyle Ward is on-board as script-writer, following on from his work on the upcoming Fiasco Heights.

We’re not really surprised by the move – Capcom are pretty fond of the Devil May Cry series. There are already four games in the franchise – plus the recent reboot from Ninja Theory which features a much-younger Dante. There’s also books (comics and novels), an anime, collectible statues and the inevitable action figures. A movie seems like the obvious next step.

It’s a natural progression for Screen Gems, too – Devil May Cry actually started life as a Resident Evil title, before veering too far from that game’s style. Given the success that Resident Evil has seen in cinemas (the series has made $580 million in worldwide grosses), it’s no huge leap to assume that DMC (which has sold more than 10 million units across the franchise) might just perform the same way.

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