Firemint: The name's Squeek, Agent Squeek…

Firemint, creators of Flight Control and Real Racing, have just announced their next blockbuster iOS game: Agent Squeek.

Agent Squeek

(should I be squealing and standing on a chair about now?)

As you may have guessed, it’s a spy-inspired tale, full of intrigue, stealth… and misplaced cheese. You are the dashing, debonair undercover mouse – Agent Squeek. Your task: To find, and save, every piece of missing cheese – which may require some tricky thinking. Some morsels are ‘protected’ by cantankerous kitties, and challenging brain-teasers.

Promising to deliver all the quality and polish (and addictive gameplay) that we’ve come to expect from a Firemint title, Agent Squeek is set to launch later this year. To stay up to date with everything Agent Squeek”>Squeek, head to Facebook and become an [surl=]Agent Squeek Operative[/surl]!

UPDATE: As of July, 2011, this little secret agent has changed his name. He’d now like to be known as Agent Squeak, if you please – and he’s starring as Spy Mouse!

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