Nintendo 3DS: Japanese launch totally sold out

Well, it’s official. Nintendo‘s newest bit of hardware, the eagerly-anticipated 3DS is in the wild, following this weekend’s launch in Japan.

What’s also official is that the country completely sold out of the handheld in a matter of hours. The initial shipment, of 400,000 3DS systems, was almost completely snapped up in pre-orders, with a mere 1,000 sold to walk-in customers.

Nintendo 3DS in Aqua Blue

Now available in Japan!

Of course, that’s not all of the handheld consoles that have been allocated to Japan – Nintendo are planning to ship 1.5 million systems by the end of March. In true Japanese fashion, many stores have started taking pre-orders again for the next allocation.

Second shipments have also arrived in a handful of retailers – if you’re in Japan and want a 3DS, but didn’t order one early, it helps to shop around. Nobody’s quite sure where to find them right now… but you might get lucky.

If the initial price point’s a bit steep, why not trade in your other consoles? It looks like the PSP and old-style DS/DSi are worth a bit in buyback schemes.

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