More Guitar Hero DLC incoming

When Activision announced that there would be no new Guitar Hero in 2011, it disappointed a lot of people. Those people then went and showed their support for the franchise – and younger brother DJ Hero – by “liking” them on Facebook.

…and, apparently, that’s all it took to convince Activision that they really could release a little bit more DLC, a song pack or two, just to make people happy.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Warriors of Rock might return, after all!

A statement on the Guitar Hero [surl=]Facebook page[/surl] reads:

Thank you for being a part of this community and all 3 MILLION of you rock! m/ m/ In thanks for your continued support, we’ve decided to celebrate by releasing some more downloadable content. Details coming soon…

More than a thousand people “like” this statement, unsurprisingly.

The official DJ Hero [surl=!/DJHero/status/41260419049984000]Twitter account[/surl] has been updated with a similar message:

Thanks for being a member of our community. In recognition of your continued support, we’ve decided to release more DLC! Details soon!

Good work, music lovers! Maybe Activision aren’t quite ready to give up on you just yet… not while there’s money left to be spent!

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