We Dare – like a party you don't want to attend


I don't want to think about QA testing.

If Ubisoft were setting out to make a game that looks as socially-awkward as it does physically uncomfortable, they may have succeeded. We Dare is a collection of unusual mini-games designed for the motion-sensing controllers of both the Wii and the PlayStation Move.

No real details have been revealed for the PS3, but the Wii version will see up to four friends able to create their own “cheeky” avatars, personalised to fit their particular tastes. If you’ve ever wanted to be a Femme Fatale, a Jock or simply the Girl Next Door, now’s your (virtual) chance.

Pick your character, then set the mood of the evening – suggested themes include Enchanting, Persuasive, Naughty, Adventurous or Brainy (weren’t they a girl band in the mid-90s?).

The game itself presents gamers with a variety of unique challenges, a “hilarious, light-hearted atmosphere”, clever characters, coy mini-games and completely innocent song choices such as the Tom Jones classic, Sex Bomb.

The final peak of the game ends in a match-making session where players will find out who their perfect match for Love or Friendship is.

…if you didn’t watch that video, you probably should. If you did watch it, check out the “parental codes” at the end. There’s even more “sexy, quirky, party game” content tucked away.

And remember, of course, that We Dare is rated as being suitable for children as young as 12, with “parental discretion”.

We don’t know much more about the game at this point, which may be a good thing! We did however find this [surl=http://www.everybodydancenow.net/deware/]retro de-make[/surl] of the game, which gives you the general gist. Let us know what you think!

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