Desperately Seeking Duke

Duke Nukem Forever is legendary in its development cycle,” the website starts. That’s one way of putting it! Over the 13+ years that the Duke has been a work-in-progress, many (many) people have contributed, and many of them have disappeared to other projects along the way.

[img_big]center,72,2010-11-28/duke_nukem_forever_gameplay_screenshots_002.jpg,Have you worked with this man?[/img_big]

The game’s “new” developers, Gearbox Software want to round up everybody who has “at some point been involved with Duke Nukem Forever“, to consider them for acknowledgement in the game. No simple task, with a history as varied and colourful as this game!

So – as Gearbox community manager Chris Faylor explains, they’ve set up a website in the hope that they can find most of them.

“We couldn’t possibly internally identify every person touched by this game from the inception of Duke Nukem Forever. It is our desire to recognize and acknowledge the people who have in some way been a part of the legacy and evolution of the game.”

Did you contribute to Duke Nukem Forever?

Well? Did you?

[surl=]The site[/surl] includes options for people who may have worked on Duke Nukem Forever as a developer, publisher or contractor, but also asks for “notable press”, community members and fans to submit applications. Respndents are asked to gauge how much they impacted the game at the time – and how much that impact will have carried onto the final game as they imagine it.

We’re not sure quite how Gearbox will use the information, or how they will verify its authenticity (I wonder how many responses they’ve already gotten from “John St. John” or “George Broussard”), but I guess we won’t be waiting long – the ever-elusive Duke will be arriving on shelves in early May.

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