New Command & Conquer game plans drawn up

A shiny new Command & Conquer title is in the works – or maybe it’s not. A website announcing the game was being developed by new startup Victory Games was briefly left out in the open, before being swiftly hidden away again.

Kane from Command & Conquer

...was Kane behind the game's reveal and subsequent retraction?

The site – [surl=][/surl] read, in part:

“It’s a Command & Conquer game for the PC, but we’re not yet at a stage where I can go into any details – we’ll be prepared to make a more formal announcement later in the year. We’re not just working on a game, though. Our general focus is on the future of Command & Conquer. That means updating a lot of the core technology to create a stable base for future development.”

But wait – why would EA hand one of their longest-running franchises over to a mere start-up company? Since the demise of Westwood Studios in 2003, development duty has been in the capable hands of EA LA.

Victory is no ordinary start-up, however. It’s got Jon Van Caneghem on-board, best known for the Might and Magic series. He’s been in the industry since 1983, is in the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame, and has been in charge of the Command & Conquer brand since 2009.

He explains the new studio’s international nature:

“Victory Games was created to be the focal point for the creation of strategy games for the Games Label at EA.” We have offices in Los Angeles, CA; Austin, TX; and Shanghai, China. It almost feels like one location though, as we have video conferencing systems setup 24/7 which offers us a stronger and more personal level of communication between offices.”

We’re not sure how this fits in with an interview from October 2010, which referred to Dead Space developer Visceral Games taking on the RTS project this year.

…either way, EA will take the wraps off of the game when they’re ready – we’re just hoping that’s sooner rather than later.

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