NGP gets middleware support

It looks like Sony is going to pack an awful lot into its new handheld, as the hardware giant reveals a whole bunch of game engines and middleware that are NGP-compatible. That is, present tense, are, not “will be”. This is all technology that’s available to NGP developers right now, in the lead-up to the platform’s launch.

Epic Games are on the list of course, with their Unreal Engine, but they’re also joined by Crytek‘s CryEngine and physics engine Havok is also jumping in.

Sony's shiny NGP

NGP: Screen Image Simulated, apparently

Game Engines

  • Blitz Games: [surl]http://[surl][/surl]
  • Crytek: [surl][/surl]
  • Epic Games: [surl][/surl]
  • Terminal Reality: [surl][/surl]
  • Trinigy: [surl][/surl]
  • Vicious Cycle: [surl][/surl]


  • Havok: [surl][/surl]
  • NaturalMotion: [surl][/surl]


  • Audiokinetic: [surl][/surl]
  • CRI Middleware: [surl][/surl] and [surl][/surl]
  • Firelight Technologies: [surl][/surl]
  • RAD Game Tools: [surl][/surl]

User Interface

  • AiLive: [surl][/surl]
  • Scaleform: [surl][/surl]

While this might not be as whizz-bang exciting as the next AAA title announcement, behind the scenes, it’s kind of a big deal. On one hand, it means that – in theory – things like Crysis and Gears of War could come to the handheld (although, in reality, something like Infinity Blade is a much more likely use of the engine).

On the other hand, it means that lower-level developers now have a whole range of resources opened up to them. Rather than having to start from scratch, creating their own engines and development tools, they can just license Unreal or CryEngine and use the pre-designed software to create their new games.

The potential that has been opened up by these partnerships is pretty impressive, and could make people take the NGP just that little bit more seriously.

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