Darth Sidious is adorably evil in LEGO Star Wars III

It’s impossible to look truly evil when you’re created out of LEGO bricks, as LucasArts and Activision have just proved. The traditionally-terrifying Darth Sidious has been revealed as a character in the upcoming LEGO Star Wars III, and our first glimpse of his cute little blocky face has us shaking from giggles, rather than fear.

Darth Sidious, in Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Awww, isn't he so cute!

Of course, Darth Sidious is very serious. First introduced as Emperor Palpatine, he has masterminded some of the most horrific events in the galaxy , and now he’s set to lend his talents to LEGO fans – no matter which side they might be on.

Sidious is also now an unlockable character on the game’s [surl=http://www.legostarwars.com]official website[/surl]. Go check it out when you’ve got a few spare moments!

Once the site’s loaded, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to get a password prompt – and then simply enter DARKSIDE, followed by Enter again.

With Darth Sidious all unlocked, you can play around as your favourite LEGO Star Wars character, hang out with other fans, solve puzzles, play games and learn more about what’s in store with LEGO Star Wars 3. We’re hoping for more super-cute bad guys.

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