Bulletstorm PC Demo – it's coming, slowly

Bulletstorm is due out this week PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and it looks like a game that has polarised the community. You either know you want it, or know you don’t, and there’s not much middle ground.


Bulletstorm - exploding onto shelves this week

If, though, you do find yourself in no-mans-land, wandering around wondering if you should pick up a copy for your Windows machine, Mark Rein from Epic has some [surl=http://twitter.com/#!/MarkRein/statuses/38750641157443584]timely information[/surl].

Bulletstorm PC demo is in the works! Won’t make it in time for ship date but should be available shortly after.

Just when you thought that consoles were overtaking the humble PC, Epic turn around and show they’re still true to their roots. This news comes on top of the earlier announcement that a digital copy of Gears of War would also be thrown in with every PC package of Bulletstorm.

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