World of StarCraft modder to meet with Blizzard

Last month, Ryan Winzen caused a bit of a drama as he revealed his latest hand-made project – a mod for StarCraft II, simply titled World of StarCraft.

Since then, things have settled down a bit after the initial Cease-And-Desist order was issued, forcing Ryan to remove online videos of the mod and change its name (unsurprisingly, Blizzard had already trademarked “World of StarCraft“).

World of StarCraft

The old World of StarCraft loading screen

As the dust settled, Ryan was contacted by Riot Games, developers of League of Legends, who stated they wanted to speak with him about a job offer. Understandably, Ryan was a little bit pleased by this outcome – but better news was still on its way.

Ryan is due to meet with the StarCraft II development team at Blizzard HQ, and Dustin Browder, game design director for the game, sounds like he’s really looking forward to shaking the modder’s hand and apologising for the “misunderstanding”.

Dustin explains that the development team had been concerned that Ryan’s mod was using something other than the official toolkit released with StarCraft II – a concern that Ryan should probably take as a compliment.

“You got to give him a break. It’s very difficult to look at that mod and understand that’s a StarCraft mod.

“Some people within the organisation thought it was a whole new game. Hats off to our tools developer that they made a tool that somebody could so easily confuse our staff about what was going on!”

In more good news, Dustin has hinted in an interview with Eurogamer that the young mod-maker may be offered a job at Blizzard, too – but only if he’s a decent bloke and as talented as he seems in the video.

“Is he technically skilled? How much of that did he do on his own? What are his design values? What he did was technically impressive, but does he understand how to make a great game? I haven’t even played the mod.

“There are a lot of questions that go into it. But if he’s somebody who did all this great work and he passes all the other challenges to being a game designer, then yeah, he could be looking at offers from me or from other developers around the business.”

World of StarCraft has now been renamed StarCraft Universe, and it’s still in development. To keep up to date with what’s going on, point your browser at the [surl=]official forums[/surl], and stay tuned.

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