Xperia PLAY: This is the PlayStation Phone

Sony‘s fabled PlayStation Phone is finally a reality, of sorts. The hardware giant has revealed the “game-changing” Xperia PLAY, which is the latest in the Xperia range of Android-based smartphones.

Sony's Xperia PLAY more mockups, this is it!

Promising to “redefine” handheld gaming (which we thought was already pretty well explained by those two words), the Xperia PLAY will deliver “the smartphone experience that users need, teamed with the immersive gaming experience that any gamer would want”.

That means a 5.0 megapixel camera, 4-inch multi-touch display and 50 games available at launch (including a bunch pre-loaded on the handset). Once you slide the phone out though, you’ll find the digital D-pad, two analogue touch pads, two shoulder buttons and – of course – the iconic PlayStation icon buttons: circle, cross, square and triangle.

Under the hood is an optimised Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, with a 1Ghz CPU and an embedded Adreno GPU to deliver 60fps play-back, 3D mobile gaming and web browsing with “minimal” power consumption.

Brendan Johnston, Managing Director for Oceania at Sony Ericsson explains:

“Today is a very proud moment for Sony Ericsson as we bring something truly revolutionary to the market. Xperia PLAY will forever change the way people think about smartphones and mobile gaming. Living up to our Xperia vision of providing the most entertaining smartphone experience, Xperia PLAY allows people to enter a new world of immersive mobile gaming.”

This will be the first PlayStation Certified device, giving gamers access to the PlayStation Suite initiative currently under development at Sony.

As soon as you pick up the phone, you’ll be able to easily discover and download games. These have been specially developed for the Xperia PLAY, so you know they’ll work well with the new technology.

It looks like just about every casual game publisher’s on-board, as well as a bunch of AAA-league comrades, so this really is shaping up to be pretty interesting. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to release, which looks like being mid-2011. Stay tuned!

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