Salem: free-to-play MMO officially revealed

I know we’ve talked about Salem when it was first hinted at, but now that we’ve gotten more information for it, I’m even more excited about this new MMO from Paradox Interactive.

Salem - The Landing

Our first look at Salem

In case you’d forgotten, Salem features the concept of perma-death. When your character dies, they’re dead. No resurrections, no second chances. The way they’re getting around this is interesting, using the concept of “generations”, as Tom Söderlund, Project Lead for Paradox Connect explains:

“If your character is killed in the game, and believe me it can be dangerous in Salem, their descendent has the ability to pick up where your character left off. The concept of revenge and towns policing themselves and even sanctioning hits on griefers is going to be a really compelling aspect. We know we’ll see some interesting things when the community finally has a chance to play Salem later this year.”

Want to know more? Here’s an interview with Björn “Brother Bean” – Creative Director on the project:

Despite sounding super-gloomy on paper, Salem takes place in a “light-hearted gothic setting”, complete with its own cute artistic direction, crafting, farming and building. Hiding around each corner are creatures like Squonks and Hidebehinds – based on colonial folklore – and, of course, witches are everywhere. It’s a nice parry to the open PvP and permadeath…

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