NBA Jam slam-dunks the iPhone

A little earlier this week, we learned EA were planning an iOS release of cult favourite NBA Jam. We thought we’d have a little time to prepare, get our cheerleader outfits organised and generally get ready for the momentous occasion… but it’s here! Now!

If you’ve never played NBA Jam, this might be a good time to start, with the arcade-style two-on-two basketball sim feeling right at home on the iPhone.

NBA Jam - Obama Dunk

Nice shot, Mister President.

Just like the console versions, NBA Jam boasts a lineup of NBA players – both current and veteran, from all 30 teams – playing an oddly-aggressive version of basketball. Dribbling, shooting and passing is combined with high-flying aerial stunts, showboating dunks and, um, players catching on fire.

Choose to play either using the D-pad or gesture-based controls, with two gameplay modes and a handy JAM CAMP tutorial. They haven’t forgotten Big Head mode either – you can either unlock it through the single-player campaign, or hand over a little extra cash and pick it up as an in-app purchase.

Oh, how could I forget… Tim “Boomshakalaka” Kitzrow is making a triumphant return to the commentary box, all set to call the action in the iOS version!

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