Kevin Butler accidentally retweets PS3 piracy key

Everybody loves Sony‘s fictional executive Kevin Butler. He’s been the Director of Game Accuracy, Chief Weaponologist, Regional Manager of War, and held a vast number of Vice Presidential roles – from VP of Virtual Pet Relations and VP of Add More Awesome, to VP of Apologetic Apologies and VP of Shaking What His Mother Gave Him.

Regardless of his title, Mr. Butler is seen as the “human” face of Sony‘s console branch, even chatting on Twitter in addition to appearing in various commercials. It seems that this social networking may have landed Kevin in hot water, following a recent conversation that resulted in the Sony employee retweeting a controversial PS3 key to his 70,000 followers.

Travis La Marr tweeted the hexadecimal code – a string of letters and numbers arranged in pairs – as his way of “showing disdain” for the way that Sony is handling the PS3 security breach. The tweet also invited Kevin to “come at me”. And so he did.

Kevin Butler's twitter


The code itself is the USB dongle ID generator key, used to circumvent PS3 security (and not the METLDR root key, as reported).

It is not yet known if any administrative action has been taken against the person who posted the code to [surl=]@TheKevinButler[/surl]’s account.

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