Duke Nukem Forever escapes Australian censors

Duke Nukem Forever has officially made it past the Australian censors, scraping through with an MA15+ rating which makes it appropriate for gamers 15 years and older.

A quick perusal of the [surl=http://www.classification.gov.au]Classification Board[/surl] earlier today revealed a classification for the mysterious title [surl=http://classification.gov.au/www/cob/find.nsf/1a77c9ac1b104871ca2575ca00064692/5aed2ea32b6af758ca2578300057efbb?OpenDocument]000A[/surl], submitted by Take 2. Nice try, guys, but we see straight through your cunning plan.

000A has been rated MA15+

000A is really Duke Nukem Forever!

This game contains “Strong violence, sexual references, crude humour and drug references”, which sounds pretty much exactly like we’d expect from the Duke.

Curious, we checked in with the Classification Board, and here’s what they told us about 000A:

“In this latest action-adventure 1st person shooter game from the Duke Nukem series, the player assumes the role of the iconic, hyperbolic action hero, who must navigate through over 24 levels of futuristic scenarios, killing opponents with a vast array of weapons. The primary objective is to overcome an alien race that has launched an invasion on Earth and commenced a hybridisation program using kidnapped Earth women.”

Australia is notorious when it comes to censorship issues, and many gamers (including the developers themselves) were afraid that the game would be effectively banned in that country due to the lack of an R18+ adult rating for video games.

However, it looks like the Duke and his Holsom Twins have made it past this major hurdle, and is on track for release this May.

While we’re waiting, here’s an interview with Randy Pitchford and Steve Gibson from Gearbox Software when they were in Australia late last year, chatting about their plans for the Duke, and their thoughts on censorship:

The boys also did a lengthy Q&A at Brisbane’s videogame-centric [surl=http://www.manabar.com.au/]Mana Bar[/surl]. We had our video camera ready, and you can watch how that unfolded, too: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four.

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