LiveJournal: new kid on the social gaming block

Before Facebook and Twitter, there was LiveJournal. Apparently, there still is LiveJournal, and it’s dipping its toe into the murky waters of social gaming.

Offering more than just a place to post your bad poetry, fan-fiction and deepest most heart-felt thoughts, LJ has launched a new, beta version of a social gaming portal, in partnership with i-Jet Media, a Russian game publisher.

SimHospital, now playable on LiveJournal

LiveJournal is turning into SimHospital

The partnership sees several existing social games ported over to LiveJournal GamesSim Hospital, Farm Frenzy, Crazy Cars and City Gangs are first off the blocks, with more to come. Each game has its own LiveJournal community, so you can chat about the game and find friends to play with (or against).

Similar to other social networking/gaming sites, games are installed as applications, and need to be able to access your personal information. (If you feel uncomfortable sharing your friends list, profile data, birthday, location and contact information, maybe LJ Games aren’t for you!) …if you’re fine with it though, sign up, and the games will send you notifications through LiveJournal‘s messaging system, and put you on the slippery slope of neighbours and virtual gifts.

Anjelika Petrochenko, from LiveJournal explains:

“Many of our users are gamers, so we’re pleased that our users will now be able to enjoy their favorite social gaming activities without leaving LiveJournal!”

While it’s far from the peaks we saw around 2000, LiveJournal still sees around 5 million unique browsers each month, so the introduction of gaming – and microtransactions – could well be a lucrative move for the company.

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