Alan Wake game designer now an Angry Bird

Casual gaming is serious business, according to Petri Järvilehto, co-founder of Remedy Entertainment. He’s left the company he helped create, known for their best-sellers Max Payne and Alan Wake, and signed up as Senior Vice President of Console Development at Rovio Mobile. They’re known for their best-seller, Angry Birds.

Angry Birds discover an empty nest

Petri is in the nest

Petri, who will remain on the Board of Directors at Remedy, is an industry veteran, and his shift to Rovio is a big step for all concerned. Thie new development will see Angry Birds officially moving to new gaming platforms, rather than simply mobile handsets and home computers.

Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio explains:

“We want to make Angry Birds a long lasting global gaming franchise, and we see the console platforms as a way of delivering an even more entertaining, powerful and involving experience. Petri has an outstanding track record and we’re thrilled to have him take the lead of our console development.”

Petri Järvilehto seems happy with his new job, too:

“Angry Birds is one of the fastest growing gaming franchises in the world right now. I think we’re only in the beginning, and with consoles we have the opportunity to create a new kind of gaming experience.”

Angry Birds made it to PC and Mac in January 2011, but nothing official has been announced yet for any console developments. Stay tuned, you’re witnessing the start of something huge.

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