Battlefield 3 developer tweets game details

It’s still a fair way off, but now the Battlefield 3 cat’s out of the bag, developers and designers are falling over themselves to reveal bits and pieces about the game.

Today, gameplay designer Alan Kertz has the microphone (via Twitter), and he’s not shy about sharing his opinions.

“You don’t kill COD by trying to be COD. You kill COD by making a better shooter.”

Battlefield 3 Soldier

Pleased to meet you!

It had already been revealed that yes, you will be able to go prone in BF3, which prompted an interesting conversation about balancing the game. Simply put, Kertz has “got it covered” – and he promises that “dolphin diving” / instaprone is a thing of the past.

Spotting was another controversial topic – with Kertz explaining that this was a point of contention within the development studio, with pros and cons for any system.

One of the cities featured in the game is Tehran – “Yes, yes there will be sand.” Many of the original map designers from BF2 and 2142 are still with DICE, and are working on the new project.

Multiplayer for Medal of Honor and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 used the same weapon and FOV systems, while BF3 now has an updated version.

Destruction is important for DICE, but visual quality and vehicles are, too.

Bullet drop will be a “much deeper system” than in Bad Company 2. In fact, “BF3 will be deeper than BF2. That said we’ve paid a lot of attention to keeping depth while pacing the learning curve.”

Don’t expect to see any mechs in the new game – “Let’s save the mechs for 2142 shall we?” chuckles Kertz. There are also no plans for ziplines or grapple hooks, just so we’re clear.

Kertz also kept quiet about whether or not PC gamers would get a LAN mode for the game. Killcam was not up for discussion, either.

Console gamers will get a Limited Edition of the game – but it seems unlikely that there will be a server browser for the console versions. This may mean that the PS3 / Xbox 360 copy of the game will only allow 24 person multiplayer, compared to the (confirmed) 64-player PC version, but Kertz remained quiet on the exact figures.

We first got a glimpse at the first teaser trailer for BF3 last week, and details are slowly trickling through the internets. The game will be on show publicly for the first time at GDC in San Francisco, in early March.

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