The Pink Knight comes to Castle Crashers

The Behemoth listen when you ask for things. And, apparently, an awful lot of people asked for the same thing: A Pink Knight to join the gang in Castle Crashers.

So that’s exactly what you’re getting! The fabulous Pink Knight will be armed with a handy Lollipop (as well as four other brand new weapons), and comes with an Adorable warning.

Castle Crashers - now including the Pink Knight

Meet The Pink Knight!

The Pink Knight Pack is due out next week for PlayStation Network, for $1.99. And even though that price is pretty awesome anyway, 100% of The Behemoth‘s revenue from sales of the pack will go straight to charities donated to Breast Cancer research. You can feel good as well as being stylish! Hoorah!

Don’t accuse the guys of platform bias, either. The Behemoth are currently working on an XBLA title update for Castle Crashers that will introduce the Pink Knight over there too, plus some other as-yet-unknown bits and pieces.

There you have it – The Pink Knight, just what you never knew you always wanted. For charity!

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