PlayStation save games headed into the cloud

Steam fans will already be familiar with the idea of saving games “to the cloud” – and now it looks like Sony are getting in on the action, too. Version 3.60 of the PlayStation 3 firmware is set to introduce a new feature, simply called “Online Saving”.

King Cloud by akakumo

King Cloud!

To put it another way, you’ll soon have the option to store your save-games on Sony servers, rather than on your local hard drive. There are a number of good reasons for this. Obviously, it’ll mean you can use your hard drive space for other things, which is always nice. It also means that if your console is broken (or stolen!), you’ll still be able to access your saved files from another machine.

Even more excitingly, it potentially means that you’ll be able to play your saved games on someone else’s PS3. Visiting a mate, but want to keep playing? Load up your game and away you go!

So that’s the good news. But there’s not-so-good news to go with it. First – it won’t be available to everybody. You’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus member in order to save your games into the ether (you’ll get other perks too, so it might be a wise investment).

There’s also the tiny details that means developer participation will not be mandatory. Your favourite game designer might opt-out of the technology and force you to save your files locally, and the more that do choose not to implement the technology, the less useful the ability becomes.

Still, it’s a nifty little thing, and it’s already being used well on Steam, so I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be picked up by console developers, too! Viva la cloud!

Image source: akakumo

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