Heavy Rain film adaptation fast-tracked

It was nearly a year ago that we told you Heavy Rain would be adapted for the big screen, but today we (finally) have some more news on the project. David Milch, a writer familiar to fans of shows like NYPD Blue and Deadwood, has signed on alongside Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, who are producing the flick under the Unique Features label.

Heavy Rain

Who will play Ethan Mars?

Milch has explained that he will start on Heavy Rain just as soon as he’s finished working on the first series of Luck, a drama for HBO which focusses on the culture of horse racing (a topic close to his heart – Milch owns several winning thoroughbred horses himself).

Bob Shaye explains the choice:

“David Milch’s incredible ability to transform intense and complex storylines into gripping, popular drama makes him the perfect partner for us to have on ‘Heavy Rain’.”

In case you’d forgotten, Heavy Rain is a PS3 exclusive, with a storyline focussing on the mysterious “Origami Killer”. Each of the major four characters have their own reasons for hunting down the murderer, and each one has their own leads. As they desperately try to prevent the killer from claiming a new victim, their stories become intertwined, with each character’s decisions – no matter how small – impacting on the other three.

The original script for Heavy Rain was 2,000 pages, written by Quantic Dream founder and CEO, David Cage. The game featured multiple possible endings, each one with considerable weight – so while we’re guessing the script will be cut down for the film adaptation, we’re hanging out to see which of the story branches is followed in this non-interactive version.

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